Rabblefish plays a vibrant mix of jazz, funk, rock and blues — original compositions, with a heavy emphasis on groove. Guitarist/composer Chris Malley leads the band, which features a rotating lineup of Colorado's finest musicians.




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Rabblefish performs as a quartet or trio, led by guitarist Chris Malley. The following musicians have performed with Rabblefish.

Guitar : Chris Malley
Keys : Adam Bodine, Eric Gunnison, John Stenger, Victor Mestas, Adam Ohlson, Ben Jansen
Bass : Paul McDaniel, Chris Engleman, Kirwan Brown, Mark Diamond, Eric Thorin, Tim Hochman, Dwight Thompson, Colin Trusedell
Drums : Matt Amundson, Christian Teele, Dean Oldencott, Raoul Rossiter, Paul Marchetti, Stefan Flores, Brian McRae
Sax : Bob Rebholz


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